Architectural Interior Designer


What is your passion?

Enjoying Craft Beer. It’s an art form. I love sampling, learning the histories and processes of unique beers.

Best perks you’ve ever had on a job?

Working in the M&GD office in DUMBO and being immersed in such a cool neighborhood — whether it was grabbing lunch on break, looking out the office window, or walking around the neighborhood — I always feel inspired and refreshed to be in such a fascinating place.

Name 2 things that you consider yourself to be very good at?

Hemming my jeans to fit my 5’1″ stature and shooting hoops with the boys.

A recent graduate of Pratt Institute’s Interior Architecture and Design program, Annie’s focus is on the conceptual design process. She is a powerhouse — possessing exceptional skills in not only drafting and rendering, but also sourcing and model construction. Her professional experience includes diverse work with several different interior design firms on both large and small-scale residential design projects. She makes her mark on all M&GD projects.

Annie, born and raised in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, now splits her time between San Diego and New York.

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